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FlorCert is a European certificate in floral industry

When you follow lessons, you want to show your skills. When you want to make your profession of it, you want a certificate.

FlorCert is a European quality insurance for certification. The judges of the test are qualified and do their job as objective as possible.

This certificate is the proof of your skills. 

FlorCert e-learning book

Make learning accessible
 is included

One of the project of FlorCert is this e-learning book. Made by professionals in the florist industry. All you need to know about technique,. composition, colour, tools and materials. Learn when and where you want.

FlorCert means quality

Lessons and coaching combined together

Lessons are important. You learn when you go to school. But in a profession, it is not all about learning. Coaching, presentation and attitude are also important. FlorCert exams are not only a test in skills. You do as well a pitch and a presentation. In your own words, in your own language. And your teacher will coach you. The test is judged by certified judges. This means, the quality is conform the standard. 

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